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Let me take a moment to share what this site is about. Yes, it is about poems and stories and musings on the human condition, but it is a bit more than that.

I have always felt that literature fails far too often in achieving its primary aim which – to my mind – is to give us a chance to reflect in the middle of a hectic and often unforgiving life, without gifting us a migraine in the process.

This is my attempt to set that right, even if by only the tiniest bit.

Here, you will find POEMS that do not leave you scratching your head and yet, I hope, give you pause to think. You will come across tasty SHOTS that take no more than a minute of your time – something to pep you up as you get on with your day. You will discover snapshot SHORT STORIES, and watch characters and tales evolve in serialized NOVELLAS. And, of course, random observations, reviews (of books, plays and such) and SO MUCH MORE always await your pleasure.

But, wait, there’s more.

Here, you can also SHAPE THE CONTENT in a very tangible way – through feedback, as guest contributors (with due credits), and with suggestions for story plots/contexts as well as possible plot twists that will help shape the paths that some of the serialized novellas will take.

Enjoy this pause in your busy day, and partake of the fares in store for you. If you like this site and what it stands for, do share on your blogs and websites, with your friends and networks (the only thing I request is that the content is duly credited to me).

And, when you have a bit of time, do drop me a note.

Have a great read!


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